401k Plans

Welcome to a better way to put your

employees’ goals within reach.


Your retirement plan is one of the most important benefits you offer your employees. In fact, it may be the only way many are saving for the future. Epic Wealth Management, LLC is here to help you make your plan the best it can be. We’re part of a nationwide alliance of independent advisors who believe that most retirement plans fall short when it comes to helping people actually plan for retirement. Everything we do is based on a simple fiduciary promise: to do what’s right for you, your company and your employees, no matter what. It’s the very same obligation you have as the sponsor of your plan – and we’re proud to share it with you.

So… what does it mean for you and your employees?

It means you’ll know what fees you’re paying and what you’re getting in return.
It means you will get unbiased advice on how to structure your plan so your employees have the greatest odds of achieving their most important goals.
It means your employees will have the help of an advisor, not just access to a platform to choose investments.
It means the focus will shift from fund selection to enhancing and analyzing retirement readiness.

Most of all, it means you and your employees are achieving their retirement savings goals.